Every business needs stellar advertising in order to stand out in the market. As competition grows stiffer, marketing your business to the same audience has gotten even more difficult. It can also be tempting to shell out more money to bump up your advertising strategy, but there’s no guarantee that it will convert viewers into actual customers.

With digital-out-of-home (DOOH) advertising, however, you can change the way you reach your potential audience. If your current advertising efforts aren’t working, here’s why you should explore DOOH advertising:

It Will Change Your Marketing Game

The key to advertising is making sure that the right people see your ad. For example, if you’re a hotel business, your ad should be right by an airport—not by a supermarket. Distinguishing your business from your competitors, especially when your ads are clustered together, can be difficult—but digital billboards can fix that.

Traditional static billboards sometimes struggle with visibility at night, which makes designing it tricky. But with digital billboards, your ad will be visually arresting all day, no matter the situation! You can also opt to make the content on your digital billboards more dynamic, which is a surefire way to draw your audience’s attention. This will make your campaign even more memorable, which is important for converting potential customers!

It Allows You to Fully Customize Your Advertising

DOOH advertising allows you to customize your content with granular precision. If you want your content to appear only at specific times of the day, there are several DOOH marketplaces that can do that for you. For instance, if you’re a brewery, you’d want to advertise your product closer to happy hour instead of the early morning.

The customization options for DOOH go far and wide. You’ll be able to avoid areas saturated with your competition, use traffic patterns or regions to show your ads to a specific demographic, and even display different content throughout the day. Depending on where your campaign is situated, you’ll be able to tailor this according to how frequently a certain person or vehicle has passed by it!

It allows you to measure its impact in real-time

One of the most winning points of DOOH advertising is that you’ll be able to directly measure its effectiveness in real-time, giving you immediate feedback on your campaign. These platforms can give you metrics on your ad’s performance based on how many impressions it made.

You’ll also be able to use other analytics tools in tandem with the DOOH platform to learn more about your campaign. If your ad was displayed along the street in a freestanding display, you can see the average time a pedestrian spent looking at your campaign.

Knowing whether or not your campaign works can definitely help refine or improve your marketing strategies. Instead of waiting for a certain amount of time, like in traditional advertising, DOOH advertising gives you more creative freedom while quickly providing the information you need to keep it going.


Using DOOH advertising to promote your business can certainly be advantageous. It allows you to fully customize your campaign from the design, down to the time it’s displayed. While having these many options can be overwhelming and difficult to manage, finding a professional digital marketing agency will definitely help you get your DOOH ad up and running smoothly.

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