One of the main aspects of website development is data analytics. It is the most important part of your website’s performance because this is where you can extract measurable data to show how successful site strategies are. You need to regularly check your performance data and see how effective your site changes are.

It is also how you monitor the performance of your website and optimization strategies through results. While web design and search engine optimization play key roles in site performance, they are just among other tactics and strategies that form your digital online presence. They all contribute to overall success.

The metrics of success are easy to see through your different data. It will give you valuable insights on your website’s success.

Where the Real Results Are

One way to watch and monitor your important metrics is through Google Analytics. It allows you to observe the correct metrics and make the necessary changes. You can adjust based on the results on Google Analytics after careful examination.

When looking at the wide range of your site data results, look for specific metrics that show performance results. They are more important because they show the results of site changes. They also show if these certain tactics you’ve used on the site are registering new results. The use of analytics and data tools is useful for any eCommerce developer to see valuable results.

You need actual performance metrics and keywords from analytics that searchers used to see your site. It will help you continue tweaking your results to maximize your site optimization. You can check how many new conversions, leads, and sales occurred from your last changes too. From here, you’ll be able to see how many new customers and repeat customers engaged with your site and ads.

Important metrics to watch

Web traffic source is an important set of data. Through the list of web traffic sources, you can see how many people visited and from which referrer, search, or direct link visit. Knowing the source of your traffic will give you results on which among your ads or campaigns online has the best response.

Meanwhile, detailed data such as the stay time per session can tell if there is better engagement on the site and which pages were used in the session. You may also see exit rates and bounce rates appear in site metrics. A good repeat rate can show if UX and site experience has increased and effectively keep customers on the site.

Existing customers on your database who responded to ads and promos will also appear in the filter. New customers brought on by advertising and promos will also register on the various collected site data. All of these details will also give you an overview of new and regular customers. It shows how they responded to your advertising and how many engaged with your campaigns online.

Social Media Performance Metrics

Other metrics are only good for social media presence. The number of likes, followers, views, and subscriptions is not indicative of measurable performance, unlike other more valuable metrics for the business. These metrics, though, show the wide reach and popularity of the brand. You can use this wide reach for sending new promos and promoting updates faster over social media.

Final Notes

The key to understanding how websites work is in looking at your data and metrics. The details will show you how well the site is performing after the changes you’ve made. The site visitor data, particularly their browsing behaviors, will show you correlating data that translates to sales and leads. You can adjust your next strategies and continue getting positive results.

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