Now showcasing information on Musical Themes, Public Affairs Topics and Guests, and new updates on Cultural and Arts programs; also included are more interactive features for Shows and DJ’s, as well as a new Features Display and the Fully Linked Schedule.



Kansas City, Missouri, August 14, 2012 — Fox Web Creations, LLC is very excited to present to you the brand-new KKFI 90.1 FM Community Radio website. It’s redesigned and updated with more information about your favorite radio shows and important news in your community. We think the new site looks great-and we’d love to have you pay it a visit. Some of the new features include:

  • More information about weekly radio shows. There are 100 individual radio shows, including both locally-produced public affairs and music shows, as well as award-winning nationally-syndicated shows and news shorts. DJ’s will now be able to post program notes to the home page when new feature programming becomes available. Plus, many producers will be sharing program notes as well as playlists directly on the website.
  • Bold, new look. We think you will be very excited about the stunning new look, designed with KKFI listeners and supporters in mind. There will be plenty of photos from events around the community, as well as unique and creative illustrations from volunteer community artists and photographers.
  • Community-driven. Would you expect anything different from Community Radio? The site is built using WordPress – an open-source, community-developed web platform. Using WordPress has allowed the station to develop a site with beautiful new functions which are shared freely by the website development community. This reflects the spirit and values of KKFI.
  • Interactive. KKFI is listening and wants to hear from you! Now, you have the option of providing feedback on both the website articles and information – directly on the website! You can also always find KKFI on Facebook or Twitter, which are now built in to the website, making sharing even easier.
  • Podcasts and archives. In the near future, KKFI will be adding additional features, and ways for you to access your favorite news and public affairs shows – when you want it and where you want it. Podcasts of these shows will be available soon. For now, try listening to our live radio streaming on the web, your computer, or even your mobile device or tablet!

Fox Web Creations is proud of the work we have done with KKFI 90.1 FM Community Radio. They are an important pillar in Kansas City, and we are committed to supporting and enriching our community. was created by Fox Web Creations, a local Web Design and Development Company. The main specialization focus for this project was a new design and integrating interactive features. For additional information please visit and