Freelancers or marketing agencies that pitch website design solutions need to use a web design proposal template to win their clients. Coming up with a proposal template can be a monotonous and tedious procedure. It involves a lot of hard work. Like all other creatives, you will have to put in a lot of time working on the proposal. The proposal is a make-or-break factor for your site, so mastering this craft is essential. Here, you will be getting an idea of the relevant sections you need to have in your proposal to start winning clients immediately.

Laying Out the Introduction

The first section of the proposal should carry the introduction of your business. It should help the clients in understanding what they can expect from the site. You should not try and overwhelm them with unwanted details in this section. Come up with a light and simple introduction reflecting the conversation you might have already had with the client. This section can include the client name, assignment title, contact point, submission date, and your title and name.

Presenting the Solution for the Problem

Once you have finished introducing yourself, the very first component that will follow is the overview of the problem. Your customer will go through this section and know there is an opportunity or challenge for his or her business that he might not be capitalizing. On your part, it is crucial to present a deep and complete understanding of the client’s problems along with their requirements. Getting a clear idea of the issues faced by your client will help you in defining the scope of the project and your responsibilities at the same time. This will make the client trust you and the process you are delivering.

Solution Overview

This section should cover the solution to the problem. Here you should explain the advantages of the business or the design practice you are indulging in. Use design language to describe the positive impact your design will have on the problems of the client. This will help you in positioning yourself as one of the most important figures in driving the future success of the client.

Work on Deliverables

In this section, you will have to outline what you will be offering precisely as part of the design process. Consider this as the most important section of your proposal. It should detail more of what you are excluding than what’s included. Keep this section as clear as possible. Your client will get an impression of the quality of the design services you are providing in this particular section. So, keeping it simple, crisp, and clear will work for you.

The Cost

Explaining the cost of your design will be the final section of your proposal. This is where you will either win or lose your client. So, before framing this section, ask the client about their budget. Discussing the budget for the assignment will make it easier for you to create the proposal.

Remember, the best web design proposal is one that places the necessities and the requirements of the client in the spotlight.