When it comes to eCommerce, the possibilities are endless. Statista finds that the amount of Americans doing their shopping online has ballooned to well over 230 million. It’s an ideal time to get into the eCommerce industry. That said, there are must-haves when it comes to eCommerce much like every other industry. If anything, those elements can be considered markers that differentiate legitimate efforts from rather questionable ones.

Are users bouncing off your eCommerce website at rather alarming rates? The culprit is most likely how the website looks. It’s important to have certain elements in an eCommerce website from the very beginning. These can make or break an online shopper’s decision to trust your site or not!

What Elements Are Vital for the Success of An E-commerce Website?


One of the major commonalities between Shopify and BigCommerce is that their growth is largely attributed to blogging activities going well. Of course, reaching the levels of Amazon in terms of success and popularity isn’ someone that everyone will end up achieving.

However, if the goal is to get at least remotely big, blogging should definitely be a priority.

Dedicated to consumer protection, big tech companies are lowering their expenditure on ads because they don’t want their consumers to be tracked. In turn, the cost of ads is starting to rise considerably.

Blogging can help with factors such as:

Appearing on Google’s rich snippets

Awareness generation

Traffic generation

A Dedicated Section for Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) are common with eCommerce and SaaS alike nowadays. A lot of them have ties to safety when it comes to money. A person that has alternatives outside of your eCommerce business will want to know why your service or product is their ideal choice. Answering their curiosities and queries head-on will help to tip them towards your favor early on.

This is where a money-back guarantee policy should go and the like. As previously mentioned, money safety is a major focus here.

In order to figure out what frequently asked questions about your business are, take the following steps:

Brainstorm likely concerns by customers and take those into account

Find recurring questions in your email boxes and existing support tickets

Look into the FAQ section of your competition

Put out an inquiry on social media

Security Measures

Since you’re planning to make money through your eCommerce website, gaining the trust of your intended audience is vital. The last thing you want them to perceive is that you have an unsecured website, you don’t take business seriously and you have an illegitimate business. All of that will lead them to decide that their money is better spent elsewhere.

It’s crucial not just for your customers but for you, as well, to have good security measures in place. Make sure you use authentic software, and that your means of accepting client payments with their debit or credit card is secure.

User-Generated Reviews

An eCommerce website is practically worthless without third-party reviews. Word-of-mouth marketing is the most powerful kind of marketing, and people are more likely to believe what a person says than a company does. It’s critical for an eCommerce site to incorporate reviews from its customers.


eCommerce websites have possibilities that are nearly unlimited. That said, there are elements that are non-negotiable. This includes security measures, blogging and user-generated reviews.

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