You might have hardly wondered the way programming works, right? After all, it is the job of web developers and designers. We, common people, who use different websites regularly, do not need to know about programming. But what if you have to do something complex on the internet than simply uploading a photo of yours on social media sites? You will have to understand what coding is. For the ones who have not tried out creating a site from scratch, the entire process from design to layout might feel intimidating. But, never feel you cannot do it. You will be able to do it only if you know the process.

Programming Languages: Why Are They Used?

Almost any individual can learn programming or coding, just like they learn new languages. It is like learning an overseas language that has its very own syntax and rules users need to understand and learn stepwise. Rules are important because they will tell your computer what it needs to do. In other words, the rules will help you tell the browsers what they need to do. Thus, it can rightly be said that programming languages are used for communicating with software.

Popular Programming Languages

Every page on a site is developed using a series of instructions. These directions are laid down one after the other. The browser, which can be Safari, Chrome, or Firefox, plays an important role in translating the code into something that the users can view on their screens. Code without a browser is simply a text file. It is only when the text file is put into the browser that it becomes a code.

So, when users open their web pages, their browser gets the HTML or any other language used and even interprets it. Here, you should note that CSS and HTML are not programming languages technically. They are simple style information and page structures. Nevertheless, before moving to JavaScript or Jquery, you will have to understand the basics of CSS and HTML. This is because CSS and HTML are at the front end of every application and web page.

An Overview of Using HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Jquery for Designing a Web Page

Earlier, HTML used to be the one and the only programming language available to the web developers. Web developers had to use the same for coding static sites one page after the other. But things have greatly changed over the years, and now there are several programming languages available to designers and developers.

  • HTML offers the basic structure for sites. This basic structure is modified and enhanced using other technologies like JavaScript. Jquery and CSS.
  • Developers use CSS for controlling layout, formatting, and presentation.
  • JavaScript is generally used for controlling the behavior or work procedure of different components.
  • Jquery is a JavaScript library helping developers in abridging and regulating interactions between HTML elements and JavaScript code.

The Bottom Line

HTML remains at the basis of all web pages we find on the internet, while CSS dictates the way HTNML components of a site will appear in front of the users. It is better to use CSS and HTML for website design instead of going for complicated languages like JavaScript and Jquery.