In this article, you will learn about the key components of a great website that will attract many visitors, increase visibility, and boost revenue. An experienced web site design and development firm can create the best website and address all these issues professionally, but even a beginner will be able to create a basic web site from the concepts mentioned in this article.

The key components of a great website include: aesthetically designed pages, consistency across the site, a site that is based on a great theme, market-specific keywords/phrases, efficient navigation between pages, appropriate graphics, advanced SEO techniques, and great content. To design and develop a site requires mastering these tools and related topics.

A well planned and developed business web site absolutely requires professional help in its construction. Search engine optimization will help it rank higher in search engines and attract targeted traffic. This movement is important for business in that more traffic means more potential customers, and will mean an increase in income. However, when thinking about creating your own site, there are several concepts to keep in mind.

CSS and HTML: The HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) and web page editor helps the developer to build the website. Help is available for the beginner with free online tutorials and articles with valuable assistance in building the web pages and site.

Design and Multimedia: Essential to the finished concept are good fonts, graphics, audio, video, and appropriate colors. A good page layout can be easily planned using the free and paid online tutorials. Note: Avoid using frames, too many images, animations, or videos on the site as it slows the process of loading the webpage. Using only appropriate graphic elements will help improve the relevance factor.

Content: The most important part of any website is its content. The content must be of superior quality that is relevant to the topic. Professional writers can help produce high-quality content at a nominal price.

Inbound and Outbound Links: Make sure that internal and external links are functional and that other sites link to your site.

Organization and Accessibility: Content has its own subdivisions, such as titles, creation and setup of meta tags and keywords, as well as general beautification using appropriate fonts, colors, length of paragraphs, and related graphics. Using correct grammar and flow of the story are paramount. Make sure content ratio/density is the ideal length to maintain reader interest and readability. The more consistent these elements are, the more your search engine ranking will improve.

Other Options: Advertisement is an additional source of income and advertisement programs like Google AdSense are equipped with subject-related ads in text and graphic formats. Contextual advertising is also a feature of Google AdSense. It is therefore recommended to use these ads on your site. A word of caution here, Google AdSense has a strict code of conduct and requires users to follow their program policies. There are many other similar programs that can be used for site revenue through contextual ads.

Keep in Mind: Search engine optimization helps your site to rank well in the various search engines, including Google and Yahoo!. A good website with high traffic, especially targeted traffic, is a winning combination. Thus, hiring a professional web design firm (such as Fox Web Creations) with experience in SEO techniques can do wonders for the popularity of your website. Updating the site regularly is an important factor not to be overlooked.

There are various other issues related to web design concepts, some more advanced than others, but the basic web design tips are listed above and can help any type of site. A web design firm should be consulted and hired to complete business sites. On the other hand, social networking pages (such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, etc.) are also necessary because your visitors would like to feel the personality of your business and perceive a more individualized connection.

If creating your own web site is too large of an undertaking for your staff, or you need assistance designing or programming your site, contact Fox Web Creations today.