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SaaS vs Custom Website: You Get What You Pay For

Sometimes digital agencies get compared to software-as-a-service (SaaS) website builder companies. To the uninitiated, it appears to be a fair comparison. After all, the most glaring difference between the two types of services is the cost. Custom developers seemingly charge a lot, but their online counterparts can somehow just charge a small amount—albeit indefinitely. If the comparison ended there, discerning business managers would just sign up for the latest and coolest website online, pay a monthly fee, and [...]

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Responsive Web Design Today

Since the year 2010, having responsive web design has become more of a requirement for any business that is looking to build or maintain a substantial market share online. The methods by which the average person accesses the Internet are constantly changing, and companies must keep up with the representation of their brand online. What exactly is responsive design? Before you can begin building your responsive website, you need to understand exactly what is meant by the term. Having [...]

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Envisioning The Website That Will Change Your Business

You do not want to create a website that people find forgettable. There are many websites you have visited that are incredibly forgettable. You visit them when you need them, but you do not visit these websites for pure enjoyment. Regardless of what your business does, you need to create a website that people will visit just for the sake of visiting. Creating that site requires the assistance of Fox Web Creations and the steps below.   What Is The [...]

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A Look at WordPress 3.6, or Hello Oscar!

WordPress is easily the gold standard of content management systems, with millions of installations that make it the single most popular way to manage blog posts, news stories, and lots of other content on websites around the world. With version 3.6 of the software, WordPress' developers have focused on making things even easier to use for those who collaborate on content. Furthermore, the new version of the software shines a light on greater usability and better user-facing design than prior [...]

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