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Getting the Most out of Local SEO

Web designers, like Fox Web Creations, can improve local SEO with a structured design that emphasizes keywords for a location. Companies like roofing contractors, car dealerships and landscape companies rely upon local customers. Therefore, the target audience can be directed to a website for a specific location with Search Engine Optimization. Customers can easily find websites for local businesses that have been categorized by a Search Engine, such as Google Chrome or Internet Explorer. However, the name of a city [...]

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Google Plus and SEO

The holy grail of website ownership is placing well in Google search results or rankings. Finding the right combination of search engine optimization and social media marketing can be difficult for the typical website owner. Fox Web Creations, a Kansas City web design and internet marketing firm, understands the need for businesses to be able to focus on their core services without having to keep up with the constant changes in internet marketing strategy. The Google+ Impact Since its appearance [...]

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Impacts of the New Google Penguin Update

Just when you think you know how to work with the Google Penguin search engine ranking, they change it up again. Penguin 2.0 is the latest addition in Google’s fight against black-hat marketing. But what does this update mean for bloggers and web designers like Fox Web Creations?The newest version is Google’s attempt to clean up internet searches and it promises to separate the authorities from the shady marketers. The most recent update took place on May 22, 2013, and [...]

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Intro to Kansas City SEO

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO as industry professionals say, refers to improving the quantity or quality (or both) of traffic that is directed to a website through search engine results. SEO is a website marketing strategy that considers the algorithms that search engines use, as well as the phrases that web users incorporate into searches. By tweaking the text of a website’s content, the html content, or the tags associated with the website, Search Engine Optimization utilizes the content of [...]

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