Flexibility & specific developments

The majority of website creation software offers hundreds of different features. You will probably use less than 10% of the proposed features. However, you may need a specific feature that is not available in all website builder software. In this case, you will be happy to have chosen a flexible platform on which it is easy to add an independent module coded by a friend developer.

Conclusion, be careful not to drown in the wealth of features forgetting that the most important is to can add its own functionality.

Accompaniment & technical support

Most website creation software offers minimal technical assistance by email for the first packages offered. Software offering the cheapest website creation offers generally do not offer telephone support. To compare the quality of the technical assistance proposed, two parameters must be taken into account: responsiveness and the relevance of the responses. Even if the vast majority of website creation software publishers offer quality support, there are still some software on the market for which some questions remain unanswered for more than 48 hours, or receive an unclear response. Obviously, we will never recommend this kind of software Another parameter that may be important is the possibility of benefiting from an optional personalized accompaniment. Software may be very simple to use, it can sometimes be useful to have some help and advice for some parts of the site.

C. Promotion of the website

It’s all well and good to create a website, if nobody visits it, it does not help much … All CMS are not equal in terms of website promotion. In terms of SEO, some software is particularly well optimized and simplify the work of the webmaster who wants to see his website at the top of Google queries around his business. Integration of social networks, newsletters management or dedicated advisor in web marketing , the marketing tools offered by the software for creating websites are numerous. It’s up to you to anticipate your marketing strategy to include this parameter in your choice! To go further, we invite you to read the advice on choosing CMS offered by our friends at DessineMoiUnsite.