POS Services

Did you know the next generation of payments is here? Here’s how we can help.

Fox Web Creations can assist your business with a great selection of point-of-sale devices and services for EMV credit cards, smart cards, mobile wallets, web payments, and wireless payments.

As a valued partner of Central Payment, we are equipped with the latest merchant POS devices, the lowest transaction fees, and the best customer service. As a matter of fact, Central Payment is so confident that they have the lowest service fees, they will guarantee it, or Central Payment will pay you $1,000! If that isn’t enough, Central Payment then provides you a lifetime low-price guarantee, meaning that they will match or beat any competitors’ price for the life of your service agreement.

This means making more money as a merchant isn’t always about selling more; it is sometimes about doing business a better way. We can help with that.

Most merchants by now have heard of these new transaction technologies like EMV and NFC. They are here to stay because these technologies address both security and facilitate cashless transactions.

emvEMV (EuroPay, MasterCard, VISA) is a joint effort by credit card companies to reduce credit card fraud. Maybe you have heard of “smart cards?” If so, then it takes an EMV card terminal to process a smart card, which are cards with an embedded chip to encrypt and secure transactions. As of October 1, 2015, the responsibility for point-of-sale fraud has now been shifted to the merchant. Merchants are now held liable for losses by credit card fraud that may occur by using the obsolete swipe system. Merchants can protect themselves by using the EMV terminal.

nfcNFC (Near-Field Communications) is a very different form of payment that you’ll want to accept sooner rather than later. Forbes reported that NFC is the fastest growing payment method in the foreseeable future. It is also referred to as a mobile wallet. With nearly 90% of consumers using smartphones, it makes sense that consumers will want to use them for cashless transactions since NFC is both convenient and secure.

Leading the mobile payment quest is Apple Pay, which has a couple of built-in features that benefit both the customer and merchant. Apple Pay’s greatest asset is security. When customers purchase via Apple Pay, the phone sends the merchant a unique token per transaction instead of their actual 16-digit number. The only way to access that token is by scanning your fingerprint. The result? Three layers of security that greatly reduce the instance of fraud.

This technology goes a long way to reducing merchant liability and consumer safety, but it also has another major benefit. NFC can significantly speed up transactions, which can be a big bonus if your business has significant peak wait times for checkout.

You can count on Fox Web Creations to provide complete merchant transaction services from e-commerce websites to mobile payments and retail POS. We generate bottom-line value by facilitating your customers’ purchases–regardless of where they are.

Some merchants have asked us, “Why did Fox Web Creations choose to partner with Central Payment?” Well, for starters, Central Payment, a TSYS Joint Venture, equips businesses with the very best in transaction processing technology and services. TSYS (NYSE:TSS), a leading global processor, was voted in 2012 as one of the most ethical companies in the world. We like that and thought you would, too.

Here are some other things we considered. Central Payment offers competitive pricing, 24/7 customer support and innovative technology that sets the industry gold standard. The 60,000 – and counting – businesses they serve produce more than $6 billion in annual credit card sales. They have the technology and infrastructure to support your business and its future.

If all of this wasn’t enough, here are some additional benefits of Central Payment’s services.

  • Compatibility with your existing POS software adds extra savings with Central Payment’s services. We can convert most POS software on the market. Save more with our low rates and unbeatable support.
  • Ensure security and reliability with PCI Compliance, a mandatory industry safe guard for processing transactions. Rest assured with services from Central Payment, recognized as a Level 1 compliant service provider by the card brands.
  • Keep your business in the know with MyStoreCentral.com. Track activity, view statements, and reconcile deposits all online – all 100% free.
  • Receive complete support for all card brands directly from Central Payment. Receive a single monthly statement and consolidated deposits from Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express (one Point).

From e-com to retail POS, we generate bottom-line value by easily connecting your customers to purchases—regardless of where your customers are. We offer no-obligation consulting to discover if our services are a good fit for your needs, so go ahead and call us at 816-479-5904 ext. 5 for an appointment today. Or if you prefer, just fill out this form https://www.foxwebcreations.com/linkedin/, and we’ll contact you.