The process of Web development unfolds in ordered phases. It begins with gathering a lot of specific information about our client’s goals and mission. Next we define the scope of the project to detail the main activities and their tasks, and set a projected start and end date for each one.

The next steps are to map the site architecture, showing all the key pages and how they will be organized. A visual style is then created that showcases the branding. If Fox Web Creations is creating a logo as part of your project, this is the point we would complete that process.

Once the designs are approved, the process moves into site development, testing, and launching. Testing is critical to insure that the site functions smoothly so as to promote and protect the integrity of the brand. Broken elements and written content riddled with misspellings and other errors are corrected. After launching, there may need to be immediate adjustments or making other changes depending on user feedback.

Maintenance is the final phase. Web sites and technology change daily. Updates need to be made and fresh content posted regularly. Fox Web Creations will help you develop a sound strategy for optimal maintenance that keeps your organization moving forward.