We certainly can help with your existing website, whether you have a bug that needs to be fixed or if you’d just like to add an element to your home page, Fox Web Creations can help you. If you’re just looking for something on an existing site and not a new design or programming, just give us a call and let us know what you need done. We’ll get you an hour estimate from our programmer, and you give us the credentials to log into your site. Once the work is done, you would be billed at our hourly rate, and we will send you an invoice with the option to pay online.  We’re always happy to hear back from a client, so if you can manage your own website for the most part and just need occasional help, Fox Web Creations would be happy to partner with you as you need us.

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Glynnis Thomas is Accounts Manager for Fox Web Creations. She started with Fox Web Creations in July of 2010, and assists with both intake and clients as well as WordPress training and content creation. She obtained her B.A. from Cornell College in 2005, then returned to Kansas City to be near her family and friends.