Once a company website has been created, it needs to be showcased online for everyone to see. A Web hosting service manages the space available to make Web pages available to many users. Think of it as the clerk in the tool crib of a manufacturing facility, where tools can be checked out for use and returned when no longer needed. The clerk stores, oversees the maintenance of and keeps track of all the tools, in this case, Web pages. One clerk would not be enough to serve thousands or millions of craftsmen checking out tools at the same time.

Similar to a public utility service where you pay only for what you use, A Web hosting service allows a company to select the services they need for their business and purpose instead of paying for costly, unnecessary ones.

A company’s Web site pages must reside, or be stored, on a server somewhere. The more traffic on a server, the slower it functions. Simple Web sites can effectively share space and bandwidth on a server, while larger Web sites with more complex functions or purposes may require a dedicated server that does not share such resources with anyone else. Other examples of Web hosting services include handling complaints about a Web site from angry customers or getting slapped with a violation of Google’s algorithms, and secure eCommerce services. These can be very time consuming to resolve, costing precious time away from the daily operation of a business. Fox Web Creations can assist you in determining which Web hosting services you need for your business.