Kansas City Video Production

One of the products and features that Fox Web Creations is most proud of is our flash audio and video streaming technology.

With Kansas City Video Production technology, you can appear on your website. You are able to describe your services in person.

Clients like knowing and trusting their business partners. With our audio and video streaming technology, you are right there with them, walking them through your website and explaining how your company stands out from others.

This new Internet technology is videotaped against a blue or green screen– just like they do on movie and TV sets. We then remove the background, and place you directly on your website. There is no video player ‘box’ that you are in – you are an interactive part of the site. Customers can pause the presentation if they choose, and watch it again at any time!

This is an invaluable way to stress key points or products about your company and its services and products. This feature alone will make you stand out from your competition! Not many companies have this technology- and few websites are using it yet. Set the standard for your industry by using the streaming audio and video player- walk right into the living room or office of your customers!

The best part is that adding this to your existing website is easy! It’s all completed in a layer, so no site re-design is necessary!

Green Screen Recording Studio

play video streaming green screen Kansas City Video Production

Our green screen recording studio has a computer with video capabilities. This allows the person who is making the recording to control (play, record, rewind) the scene with a background of their choice. The room is soundproofed for a better quality recording.

fox mascot Kansas City Video ProductionFox Web Creations appreciates that you have taken time to view our website and explore our services. If you have any questions that you would like our staff to personally address or are interested in having a conversation about how we can create or improve your online presence, please contact us or call (816) 479-5904.