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5 Ways to Harness App Development For Your Business

In the wake of significant movers and shakers like Amazon, mobile app technology is being effectively deployed by B2B and B2C businesses with helpful features that attract customers from all demographics. Here is how to turn this tool of business disruption into an advantage for your business. If you read my previous article, Amazon’s Secret Weapon, then you already have a foundation for understanding why app technology is a game changer for many businesses. According to worldwide [...]

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The Importance of Mobile Strategy

It used to be that a business only needed a good website to be visible in the Internet world. Then social media came along and added another dimension to marketing. Now, with mobile browsing and eCommerce on the rise, any business that wants to stay ahead of the competition needs a solid mobile strategy. Mobile Has Exploded In just a few short years, mobile has gone from nonexistent to a major player in the business world. According to, mobile [...]

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