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As your friendly local firm for web design in Kansas City, we think it’s important that we keep webmasters updated on the newest versions of the software that drives their websites. That’s why we want to talk to you about the newest update to one of the most popular back-ends for business websites and blogs.

WordPress version 3.9, referred to as “Smith”, is the newest version of the software platform. It adds several new features that webmasters of all skill levels will find useful and that businesses will love, especially in how it makes editing images and posts easier than ever before.

What Features Does This Version Bring?

This version of WordPress aims to offer an easier time when creating posts by making the process of editing images and using the visual editor easier than ever before. You’ll likely learn to fall in love with each of the features that this update brings.

Changes to the Visual Editor

The visual editor has been cleaned up and optimized so that it works with a greater efficiency and better consistency when used on different operating systems and in different browsers. It’s also been modified to fully support mobile devices, which means that it will work for you while you’re on the go.

Support for scaling, cropping and rotating images has been added to this version. This means that you can scale your images, rotate them and crop them without the need for a separate image editing program. You can do so while ensuring that they fit your posts perfectly and without ever leaving the confines of the visual editor.

The last big thing that this version brings is the ability for you to drag and drop images into the media library. You can drag them from your desktop, folders or anywhere else to upload them. You can do this in the visual editor, which further streamlines the process of making new posts.

Better Integration of Media

Gallery previews are another large feature of this version. You can see your media library in a grid format, which makes choosing the picture best for your post that much easier.

Another often requested feature has made its way into this version: audio and video playlists. You now have a way to view simple audio and video playlists, which allows you to build pages for your theme to display the rest of your multimedia.

Theme Additions

New to this version is the ability to rearrange, add and edit your widgets in a way that lets you preview them before you make them active on your website. This feature has also been added for the improved header tool, which means that customizing your theme is even easier than it was before.

Although most clients using a site that has a custom Kansas City web design theme may not have a use for this feature, it’s still worth mentioning that this version brings a new and improved way for you to view the free themes on your website.

Why the Name?

WordPress has decided to name version 3.9 of this release after Jimmy Smith, a player of the electric organ whom had a profound effect on soul and jazz music in the 1960s.

Questions About 3.9 Themes?

Contact Fox Web Creations, a leader in Kansas City web design, to learn more about 3.9-compatible themes for your website.

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